How to Choose Real Estate Recruiters

Inclusion and diversity are crucial in the real estate industry. Roughly 46 percent of all real estate firms report that they’re focused on development, leadership, and diversity when hiring, according to Deloitte. Businesses are now more aware of the benefits of supporting and encouraging diversity within the workplace. There are many, though productivity and more profitability are at the top.

Some benefits aren’t as tangible from the business perspective, though they’re still important. For example, you should consider a more diversified workforce for improved business reputation, innovation, more creativity, and employee morale boosts. How do you find that, though? You’ll require commercial real estate executive recruiters. Let’s learn more!


Women in Real Estate – Considerations

Women in Real Estate

Women aren’t found as often in leadership positions and key roles, such as a vice president, chief of staff, or director of marketing. Likewise, the difference in pay between women and men is still high.

Typically, women in the real estate industry find it much harder to get recognized for their achievements and can’t get encouragement and support. You could close the gap by asking your commercial real estate recruiter to find the best candidates, focusing more on women.


What Are Inclusion and Diversity within the Workplace?

Inclusion and diversity are interconnected aspects of a wider organizational strategy. The goal is to improve representation in groups often underrepresented within the workplace.

Diversity focuses on various people-oriented factors, including socio-economic backgrounds, religion, gender, race, physical ability, professional expertise and knowledge, cognitive behavior, and others. From a real estate executive search perspective, it focuses on increasing the numbers of people from all types of backgrounds.

Though diversity is crucial, it isn’t enough. You also have to consider inclusion, which focuses on what makes people feel welcomed and empowered to work hard.


The Benefits of Workplace Diversity

Why should diversity and inclusion be a priority among real estate professionals? Are there any benefits of building a diverse team for your brand? Here are the top advantages:

Better Decisions

Diverse teams are about 87 percent better when making decisions. This is because of the many perspectives, a broad range of skills, and more creativity. The decisions made are better for the business, but they can also get to them more quickly when they’re working with qualified candidates.

More Profitability and Productivity

Diversity can also bring a competitive edge to businesses and increase their returns. Companies with more ethnic and racial diversity are about 35 percent more likely to do better than their competitors. It’s typically easier to find the top talent through real estate executive search firms.

Top Talent Acquisition

When you have a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture, you will likely see less turnover and more talent retention. This will boost employee morale and keep employees engaged and committed to the business. Overall, you’ll keep hiring costs low when you choose a real estate executive search firm to help you find qualified candidates.

More Engaged and Healthier Employees

Typically, millennials will feel more engaged when they work in an inclusive and diverse environment. This means they might make healthier lifestyle choices and understand their well-being. That might indicate they will be sick less frequently and be more productive at work.

Improved Employer Brand and Reputation

Companies that focus on inclusion and diversity within the workplace are more attractive to exceptional candidates. In fact, most millennials actively seek out brands that prioritize diversity when they look for jobs. When you choose executive recruiters in the commercial real estate sector, you’ll get the best fit and know that they want to work for a diverse business.


Ways to Promote Workplace Diversity

It’s important to understand why diversity is so important, but you also have to put it into practice. A positive transformation requires you to change your mindset, but everyone in the business must do this, from the vice president to the janitor. Leaders and employees must know what diversity will bring them.

Though accountability is crucial, other measures will be required to support the targets you have. They could include:

  • Training for no bias
  • Support networks, mentorships, and fast-tracks for minority groups
  • Recruitment quotas at the senior and board levels
  • Proactive steps in working with diverse clients in commercial real estate
  • Partnerships with inclusion and diversity organizations


Why Diverse Teams Perform Much Better

Promote Workplace Diversity

Diverse teams will help you build a stronger work culture, which will drive productivity and engagement. Inclusive teams mean greater creativity. Overall, different backgrounds, life experiences, and perspectives will boost problem-solving needs.

However, it’s often hard to build a diverse team with a traditional real estate staffing firm. Instead, you need a commercial real estate executive search firm to help you find the top candidates. These companies have a vast network of candidates and will be able to identify the right person for the job.


Why Use Commercial Real Estate Recruiters to Find Talent

Typically, real estate executive recruiting firms are beneficial for many reasons, such as:

  • It’s Their Job – Real estate recruitment consultants are hired by you to find the top candidates. Hiring managers and team leads might lack enthusiasm here. However, that’s the only job a commercial real estate executive search firm handles.
  • Independence – Executive search recruiters are outsiders, so they can ask specific and direct questions about personal goals and finances to source the top candidates. Likewise, when candidates speak to the recruiter, they’re often more forthright with this information.
  • Find What You Can’t – Executive search recruiters have the resources and time to source the ideal candidate and don’t have to work with what’s available.


What Can a Real Estate Executive Search Firm Do for You?

An executive search firm has deep industry-specific knowledge and can identify the best talent. Whether you are focused on capital markets, real estate, or owner/end-user clients, you’ll get what you need. Likewise, they service multi-family, industrial, single-family, office, and many other sectors.


Types of Positions Commercial Real Estate Recruiters Can Find

Executive search recruiters don’t typically focus on one location. Therefore, they might be located in New York but can find candidates in San Francisco or anywhere else. Positions can include:

  • Accounting officers
  • Financial officers
  • Corporate controllers
  • Tax managers
  • Senior/staff accountants
  • Office managers
  • Much more


Conclusion – Where to Find Commercial Real Estate Recruiters

There’s hope if you require real estate recruiters for multi-family, student housing, affordable housing, retail, mixed-use, or industrial commercial property. The Quest Organization can help you focus on diversity in the workplace!

For a free consultation on your real estate recruitment strategy, contact us at or 212-971-0033.

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