The Importance of Safety Culture in Construction

Construction safety managers adhere to and enforce construction safety principles. It’s the result of regular site inspections, worker protection from problems, safe equipment usage, and risk assessments. Overall, compliance is essential.

Before you rush out and hire a construction recruitment consultant, you should realize the importance of construction safety.


Why Is Construction Safety so Important?

Most organizations want to improve construction safety to be compliant with health and workplace safety regulations. However, there are other benefits of doing so. For example, you’ll lower the number of accidents and hazards. This is crucial because those things will weaken your competition among regulatory agencies and industry professionals. Likewise, you might incur financial and legal problems without them.

Typically, prioritizing construction safety will also strengthen the trust between company executives, construction safety managers, and workers. This will lead to more communication, resulting in fewer clashes and misunderstandings


How to Choose and Hire Safety-conscious Individuals Through a Construction Recruiting Firm

Hiring and Retaining People in the Construction Industry

The first step is to focus on the essential leadership positions in your company. This often means choosing a safety officer. As with an executive vice president or CEO, the safety officer’s experience and skills are important. However, qualifications aren’t the only thing, and it’s hard to define those personal qualities.

When focused on construction recruiting solutions, it’s important that the recruiter know what a “good” safety officer is. Here are the qualifications they need:

  • Genuine Concern – Though the person should be concerned about the corporate board members and the bottom line, they must focus more on employee safety. Did you know that OSHA estimates that employers pay roughly $1 billion weekly for workers’ compensation costs?
  • Lead by Example – The construction sector is full of construction professionals, but they must be able to handle construction management, leading by example.
  • Consistency – Knowing what to do and doing it each time are two different things. Finding qualified candidates through executive search will help you provide consistency throughout the entire organization.
  • Hungry for Knowledge – Whether you’re searching for construction staffing or permanent positions in the company, you want someone who acts in a professional manner and has an in-depth knowledge of construction management.
  • Ability to Listen – Though a construction job often focuses more on getting things done, you also need someone who will listen. Choosing the top talent from an executive search is the best solution.
  • Resilience – The construction talent you choose through executive recruitment should be able to handle any challenges that arise.


Tips for Hiring and Retaining People in the Construction Industry

Once you’ve found the best construction safety officer through an executive search, you’ll focus on the rest of the construction management team. Then, you will choose the general contractors who want the career opportunities you’re offering.

It’s wise to work with the top construction recruiting firms, which you’ll learn about later. However, there are a few other tips to ensure things run smoothly.

Provide a Safe Environment

Whether you want a direct hire or a temp-to-hire professional, you know the construction industry is a challenging and dangerous one. Choosing a construction recruiter is one of the first steps, but you have to ensure that the organization looks attractive and enticing to the workers, as well.

Executive recruiting can only go so far. It will identify real estate developers, a vice president, or regular contractors for the project. However, these professionals might not want to work for your brand if they’ve heard negative things in the past.

Therefore, it’s best to pay top talent what they’re worth, offer great benefits, and ensure that it’s a safe environment. Though accidents will happen, construction companies have regulations and standards in place to make it easier to protect the workers. Your brand should be following those.

Focus on Training

The construction industry currently requires about 500,000 new workers each year to keep up with the demands. This is great for employees, but it means there are more construction jobs than professionals. That is why most people turn to construction staffing, but the most important aspect should be training.

When you hire someone with no experience, you run the risk of them getting injured or quitting. Instead of doing all the legwork yourself for hiring someone, you can use recruitment services to find the top construction talent in the area.

These professionals have already completed training programs and may have attended community college. Similarly, they may have extensive experience in a similar position.

Work with a Construction Executive Search Firm

There are countless construction firms nationwide, and it’s hard to know where to find professionals. In fact, putting an ad in the paper or through an online job board is time-consuming. Plus, you must determine if they’re the right fit for your needs. Overall, executive search is the better solution.

When you choose executive search recruitment services, you can find whatever you need because you have an extensive network of professionals ready to help you. These firms understand all aspects of the industry, such as project management, finance, accounting, engineering, construction, estimation, general management, safety, scheduling, and much more.

Construction recruiters will help you identify talent for any part of the business. Plus, you can hire them for temporary or permanent positions, depending on your personal hiring needs at the time.


Differences Between a Construction Recruiter and a Construction Staffing Agency

Typically, a construction recruiter focuses on finding permanent hires for the organization. On the other hand, a construction staffing agency provides contract or temporary employees on an as-needed basis.

It’s important to remember that all recruiters aren’t equal. Some will find talent for more traditional jobs, while others are more specialized.


Final Thoughts on Why Construction Safety Culture Is Important

Construction Safety Culture

Having a strong safety culture is crucial if you’re in the construction industry. You learned why that is today and also focused on appropriate talent management solutions to help you find the right candidates for the job.

Likewise, you learned how to choose and hire the most safety-conscious individuals. It’s generally best to work with construction recruiters, such as those from The Quest Organization.

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