Many people are constantly asking us “how is the job market”?
As an Executive Search and Advisory firm with over 35 years in the business, we are in an excellent position to respond to that question.

The state of affairs today has been moving towards the side of the employee. There were 559,000 jobs created in the month of May. The unemployment rate fell to 5.8 percent from 6.1 percent in April. The job gains were primarily in hospitality, leisure, healthcare and education.

With more Americans being vaccinated against the coronavirus, state and local governments easing the restrictions on businesses, government aid and a huge appetite for companies to get back into growing their businesses, jobs will continue to be on the rise.

We have seen a significant amount of hiring needs increasing all across the United States. There appears to be a shortage of highly skilled workers for a number of industries including those listed above and others including construction, real estate, logistics, professional services and technology.

While some employers are thinking that they may be able to find talent at reduced costs, it is quite the contrary. We are advising our clients to pay market or above to obtain the best qualified candidates due to the highly competitive market for skilled workers.

For additional information on how you can find the “best available athletes”, please contact: Michael Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at or 212-971-0033.

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