Despite all of the talk about a recession looming, U.S. employers continue to hire at a rapid pace. In May, businesses added 6.5 million workers and layoffs have remained at near record low levels.

A recession is defined as a significant decline in economic activity spread across the market, for several months, which generally occurs when there is a widespread decline in spending. With several business indicators up including real personal income, employment, industrial production and business sales, it hardly looks like we are in a recession.

From our perspective, as a National Executive Search Firm, we are seeing a significant amount of hiring needs across a number of business sectors and no slow down in sight at this time.

While we may very well be heading towards a recession with inflation at the highest level in four decades, at this point in time, we do not believe that we are even close to a recession as of today.

As it continues to be very difficult for many businesses to find the talent that they need, we are in an excellent position to help those companies navigate this challenging market for quality candidates. In addition to finding the “best available athletes”, which cannot necessarily be found by posting ads, we can assist our clients with retaining their key employees as well.

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