Many people are blaming the “Great Resignation” on the pandemic, and while the pandemic certainly had an effect on people losing their jobs and even leaving their jobs voluntarily, it is not the only reason.

The pandemic initially caused people to hold on to their jobs due to the uncertainty of how it would affect their companies and the overall economy.

Once the government issued stimulus checks and they reduced the amount of risk and uncertainty, people began to resign, which actually was a trend that started well before the pandemic.

The reasons that people have resigned in such large numbers are due to:

1) A significant number of people retiring (which may have been accelerated due to the pandemic), however this trend has been rising for years.

2) Quality of Life as a key consideration. The pandemic caused people to rethink their day to day work/life balance. After working at home or being at home and unemployed, people began to think about alternative working arrangements, whereby they didn’t have to travel to and from work, and could work at home or on a hybrid basis (which is now the most desirable work arrangement by employees).

3) Employees also began to think about alternative jobs. Many people have been working in the same position, industry or company for many years, and decided that they could use a “change of scenery”. The change may be a different type of job, different industry, different company or even a new geographical location.

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