According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the most accounting and finance jobs in demand nationwide are:

2. Finance Manager
3. Management Consultant
4. Personal Financial Advisor
5. Financial Analyst
6. Treasury Analyst
7. Accounting Manager
8. Budget Analyst
9. Senior Tax Accountant
10. Accountant

Due to increasing regulations, globalization and technology advances, the demand for accounting and finance professionals will continue to grow, however they will require a different set of skills than before. We recommend that everyone who is considering a career in one of those disciplines take as many technology courses as possible, even consider a double major in computer science to go along with their finance/accounting degree. Additionally, we recommend taking as many courses as possible in international business.

We have numerous clients throughout the United States requesting professionals at all levels.

If you are looking to hire or make a career change, please contact Michael Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at or 212-971-0033.

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