Blue Collar workers are experiencing a significant increase in job opportunities. Strength in the housing and ecommerce industries have increased the need for warehouse people for online orders and construction workers for the fast growing housing market.

As the pandemic fades, we expect a significant increase in the retail, entertainment and restaurant industries and later the travel and leisure industry. With interest rates continuing to stay low for the foreseeable future, and a continued acceptance of remote working, we see a continued strong demand for residential housing, thereby causing a high demand for residential housing construction.

Additionally, some of the Midwest cities have had some of the strongest hiring needs. The reason for their resilience lies in their diverse industries and less reliance on tourism and some of the other industries that were significantly affected by the pandemic.

If you are looking to hire or have any questions, please contact Michael Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at or 212-971-0033.

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