As most hiring managers are finding out today, it is quite challenging to not only find the right candidates, but how can you actually get them to join your firm.

We recommend that you invest the time to establish an effective hiring plan. Many companies feel that by posting a job description and qualifications at a number of job sites that they will find a number of qualified candidates.

The reality today is that if you merely post your job openings on several job sites, you will receive resumes and potentially some viable candidates. However so will your competitors.

We recommend a strategic hiring plan which requires establishing a complete hiring plan which would include:
1) A detailed job description and list of requirements
2) If you post the job, then take the time to list not only the information in number one, but some of the selling points of your firm
3) If you offer flexibility such as remote or hybrid working conditions, that is a significant advantage and it should be listed as well as other benefits
4) Establish the interview process which includes the initial interview through to the conclusion of the process.
5) Once the interview process has been completed, make an offer as quickly as possible and establish a start date as soon as practical.

Should you decide to use a professional firm to assist you with the hiring of professionals, we would establish a comprehensive plan from the initial phase all the way through to completion, including establishing a start date and guiding them through the resignation process, until they actually commence working at your firm.

If you are interested in our assisting you with your hiring needs, please contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt , President of The Quest Organization at:

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