We find that the two best times of the year to start a job search are:

1) The beginning of the year (January/February)

2) Fall season right after the summer

The reason that the beginning of the year is one of the highest periods of hiring, is that it follows the holiday period and vacations, and companies have new initiatives for the year and new budgets for the year.

Employers seem to be more focused at the beginning of the year and for employees, it is the start of a new year with new goals for the year.

The Fall season is also a prime time to begin a job search, because most employers are back from their vacations and are focused on their year-end needs and using up their budgets for the year. For candidates, they are back from vacation as well and are ready to focus on their career goals as well prior to the holidays.

Since a job search can take several months, we recommend starting to plan your move earlier, so that you can truly think about your next move and what is important to you and it takes time to prepare a professional resume as well.

If you need assistance with your job search regarding your career goals, preparing a qualified resume or just discussing what may be the best career alternatives for you, feel free to contact: Michael F. Rosenblatt, President at The Quest Organization at: Michael.Rosenblatt@questorg.com

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