Many companies are requiring their employees to go back to working in the office full time or on a hybrid basis.

Here are some of the reasons that companies are anxious to get their employees back to the office:

1) Many companies have long term leases for which they are paying substantial amounts of money to provide space for their employees to work. Most of these firms have also conformed to a covid safe environment. They would prefer to use the facilities that they spent significant amounts of money to develop.

2) A large number of companies feel that it is difficult to measure the productivity of their employees when they are working at home.

3) Building and maintaining a company culture is difficult when employees are not in the office.

4) There is a social element of working in the office that can also benefit many employees, rather than sitting at home behind a computer screen with no live interaction with their colleagues. This can be helpful to many employees.

5) Training is sometimes more difficult as well as team collaboration when everyone is working from home. How can you learn to manage people when you are interacting with them merely through a computer screen?

These are a few reasons why employers want to get their employees back to the office.

If you need assistance in getting your employees back to the office, feel free to reach out to Michael F. Rosenblatt, President of The Quest Organization at:

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