There are a number of reasons affecting the ability to hire qualified candidates at this time.

Some people are blaming the enhanced unemployment benefits, however there are additional reasons as well which include childcare, poor transportation, fear of workplace safety (as Covid variants continue to be a significant issue), low wages, the cost of transportation and the time to commute, and the fact that people overall have become used to not commuting and have been able to work effectively at home giving them more time with their families.

Companies are offering compensation for potential employees just to show up for an interview.They are also offering sign-on bonuses, higher hourly and annual salaries, better benefits and flexible hours.

We are finding that flexible time, meaning either full remote working or a hybrid working program is the most significant issue affecting potential employees willingness to go back to work.

We have been highly successful in helping our clients attract highly qualified employees through a strategic plan that encompasses the issues that both our clients and our firm believe are the key issues for attracting talent to their company.

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