Companies all across the country are complaining of worker shortages, even though there have been so many recent layoffs especially in the technology sector.

Reality is that while there are still so many job openings, there are not enough workers to fill them. We have approximately 10 million job openings in the U.S. and around 6 million unemployed workers. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and other reasons millions of people have left the workforce.
Some of the key reasons why some people have not returned to the workforce are:
1) Lack of childcare or other family member care
2) Many people have become ill
3) A number of people are concerned about getting sick by using public transportation and in an office with a lot of people
4) Safety-Due to the significant increase in crime in most major cities, people are afraid to go back to the city
5) Many young people have moved back in to live with their parents and do not necessarily need a full time job right now
6) Over 3 million people have taken early retirement
7) Many people have reconsidered their jobs and their quality of life and priorities due to Covid,  and have decided to learn a new skill (went back to school) or even started their own business.
These are some of the reasons why there is still a shortage of people, however as a national recruiting firm with over 35 years of experience, The Quest Organization can find you the talent that you need and provide temporary candidates in the interim to keep your business moving forward.
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