The job market is still very hot and there are still too many jobs and not enough qualified people to fill them. While many economists are predicting a recession, at the current time, it is still an employee’s market.

There are some compelling reasons why there will be more employees looking to become employed or change jobs and those are:

1. Inflation- with the cost of just about everything rising, people who have existed on government subsidies, part-time jobs etc. cannot afford to be working part-time. Many more employees are coming back to the work force due to inflation

2. Flexible work arrangements-with companies still offering remote and flexible work arrangements, people who have childcare issues or just need the flexibility of working from home will also go back to work.

3. Higher wages and better benefits-due to the shortage of employees, most companies have had to increase the level of compensation for most if not all of their employees, and provide additional benefits as well. This will provide additional incentives for people to go back to work.

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