We have conducted a number of polls recently and felt that the results of our most recent poll was worth sharing.

Apparently, due to the pandemic, companies and employees have had to adapt over the past year to a new way of working. Working remotely had become the “new norm” to work through the pandemic, and there have been mixed results as to how effective that has been.

In many instances, including our own company, The Quest Organization, we have been quite effective in using video conferencing instead of meetings in person, and many other businesses have also been quite successful. There are a number of businesses and employees that have also not been effective at working at home due to lack of space, personal distractions, poor internet connections, etc.

Our poll summary shows that a majority of firms and employees prefer the “hybrid” approach going forward, which will consist of working several days in the office and a few days at home.

Here are the actual results:

68% prefer to work a combination of at home and in the office

26% will only work remotely

6% prefer to work only in the office

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